Mar 27, 2015

Five Faves

1) I am in the process of re-branding my Etsy shop to better fit my new wedding stationery.  While things are still in the works, I am very excited by what this little dream could turn into! (official name change in a couple of weeks—I'm just bad at keeping my own secrets)
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2) I've been floating around the Creative Market quite a bit this week—great collection of resources for designers!

3)  Heirloom Mag celebrated their grand opening this week and I can honestly say that I am already hooked.  I mean, just LOOK at all that pretty!

4) Snapchat
The hubs and I are on a phone plan where we pay for each minute/text.  So texting frequently / photos has been out for a while.  Snap chat was a real struggle to figure out (am I that old already??), but now that we're in the groove, we're having a lot of fun with it!

5)  I have always suffered from intimidation/fear of the first page.
Seriously, in the hundreds of sketchbooks that I have owned, I don't think a single one has anything on the first page except a timid name and date (if that).  This weekend, I decided to conquer that fear (or try, at least), and this is the result :)

 photo Email.gif  photo bloglovin.gif  photo Instagram.gif  photo Etsy.gif  photo facebook.gif  photo twitter_coral_zps378d584f.png
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  1. Beautiful sketches! I don't get Snapchat - actually not used it so I guess I can't comment much!

    (Came via Coffee Date Friday linkup)

  2. HOLD THE PHONE. Did you sketch that design across those pages? That is beautiful! I'm so excited for your rebranding. I love the name! I'm going through a big launch and rebranding and I can't wait!


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