Nov 24, 2014

Affordable Gift Ideas: For HER

I really enjoy Christmas shopping.
I love the hunt;
The deals;
The wrapping!

Though, sometimes it stresses me out when I don't know what to get (especially on a budget!).  Personal gifts are my favorite kind to give–and as an added bonus, they are usually friendlier on the wallet!  Because, we've all been there—looking over these lovely little "Gift Guides" and filled with excitement before looking at the price tags on these "gifts" and crawling away in shame.  Below I have a few ideas for homemade gifts and links to where you can purchase similar items if you are not the DIY type :)

Stationery: Make / Buy (illustrated) / Buy (personalized)
Man, do I LOVE stationery!  It really juices up those "let's spread the hand-written love" feelings!  Stationery is easy to make by hand or on the computer—draw up a design, or print off something onto cards from Staples or OfficeMax (be sure that the images you use are not under copyright laws—better yet, draw/create something yourself!)
Ps. One of my blog-y friends created THIS darling stationery-like gift for her hubby and I think this is a great idea for a meaningful gift that doesn't cost that much!

Illustrated Portraits: On a Mug* / On a Pillow / Buy
Of course, I had to slip this one it—but I offer these services because custom portraits really do make a fun gift!  However, I'm not the only one who can draw—if there is a little one in the family, a drawing by him/her saved in a unique way makes a way better gift than one that I could draw for you :)

Hats & Headbands: Knit Hat / Crochet Hat / Buy Hat / Make Headband / Buy Headband / Buy Scarf
Of course, the classic winter head-gear.  If you're handy at all this might be a no-brainer—sewing, knitting or crocheting, there are some really darling items that you can make.  These are especially great gifts for sisters, moms or a group of girlfriends.  If you're not a needlewoman (or needle-man), there are some great shops out there with some really unique designs.
If you are making something and you're stuck on the sizing issue, I have found THIS chart super helpful and easy to follow.

Dessert In a Jar: Hot Chocolate / Cookie in a Jar / Pie in a Jar
Have a foodie on your list?  How about a sweet tooth?  These mixes have been floating around Pinterest and would be an fun gift to give on a budget!  Also great if you are looking for a creative gift to give to a group of people

Hope this list is at least a little bit helpful as you hit the sales this week!  Happy Thanksgiving

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