Sep 8, 2014

Not According to Plan

I had plans for this week.  Big plans.

Well, biggish plans.

Either way, those plans have been placed on hold for the time being.

I (finally) received my new computer shortly before we lost power on Friday night.
Saturday.  Woke up without power and a small cold for both of us (hubbard and I).  Our landlord hooked up a generator for our fridge so we could head out of town without fearing for all of our food.
Sunday.  Still no power and must more aggressive colds had settled in.  Escape to the parental units for power and warm food.
Monday. Colds are worse, but we're back to work anyway.  Still no power so I am currently trying to adjust to my new laptop while working off of last night's charge before heading to a Panera for hot soup, electricity and wifi!

Overall we are rather content, even without electricity.  However, the colds are pushing us to long for warm soup/tea in our own homes and I really wish I could do my hair! haha
Unfortunately, my scanner also runs on electricity... so, today's post has been pushed off until further notice.  Maybe tomorrow?

I'm hopeful!

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  1. Oh goodness, no power is not fun! Hope it comes back soon!

  2. Hope power comes back soon so you can post more.


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