Aug 25, 2014

Throwback:: Book Covers

Here's a little bit of a flash back for you today.  For a while I was super obsessed with book cover design.  I loved the relationship with the front, spine and back of the book; I loved focusing on the cover illustration; and I loved hiding humorous snippets within the details of the cover (those that were fictitious).
While I made quite a few during my undergrad (and beyond), are are a few to wet your interest.
Fun fact: I also created the logo for the fictitious publishing companies and had as much fun with those as I did with the covers themselves!

Completely made up this series (there was a male version as well).  Note the author's name...

This is off of a real book that I read and really enjoyed—however I wasn't crazy about the cover photo because I didn't think it fit the content very well.  So I made my own!  I also have a special love for the publishing company's logo.

Not my usual style or color scheme, but I had fun with it... as a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, I felt special interest in this series.  Looking back (this is from 2011), I can see that there is just too much going on on the cover.

This was the first book cover I ever did.  Not a favorite, but still fun to look back on!  I included the inside flaps for this design, something I quit doing before long, haha!

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  1. The Proverbs 31 design has always been one of my favorites! Love it!


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