Oct 4, 2013

Finding "My Style" & A Portrait

Sometimes, as an illustrator, I really struggle with my "style".

Before, I was the realist—everything looking as close to real life as I could possibly make it.  And since my undergrad, I almost seem to be attempting to get away from such perfection.
However, I couldn't help but wonder if I could even draw from life like I did before.  Sometimes I felt as though my fingers were broken!  Ridiculous, I know... but it's true.

So this was my little exercise the other day:

About an hour including warm-ups (er... failed attempts, cast away in anger) and some work on this piece to see if I could come up with something that was even remotely life-like again.  To be sure, it needs some work—the left eye especially needs to adjust itself a bit, but it was comforting to see that my hand could still turn out something like this after some grueling "warm-ups".
From my toned sketchbook (thus the brown color of the paper and the busy texture).

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