Dec 31, 2015

January Desktop Calendar (2016)

2016... what a strange feeling!  This lap (2015) of the race is about up, but it feels like the gun just went off.  This past year was full of the usual ups and downs.  While I don't generally think of January as my "new year" (being both a teacher and wife to a teacher/master's student means that August/September is my new year), this season calls for some time of reflection.  So as I share my new designs for desktop calendars—one to fit your glam side (above), and another to match your quiet musings (below)—I will share some of our families highs and lows for the year :)
TOP 5 OF 2015
  • (Mar) Instead of closing my etsy shop down completely, I decided to renovate the space and "Blushed" was born! I could not be more thrilled with this decision and have fallen in love over and over again with my little business.
  • (July-Nov) Our team camp with the cross country team was so much fun!  It really kicked off a strong season for us and I had more fun this year than I have in a long time.
  • (Oct) The Hubbard took a day off of work during our busiest time of the year to take me out to the cider mill for the day.  We had been stretched really thin, and it means the world to me that our marriage is important enough to him to make time for.
  • My sister in law is preggo with our little niece! I can't wait to be an aunt in May!
  • (Dec) The discovery of "Psych", the tv series.  More love than Sherlock? Maybe. Hubbard and I quote the show nonstop.
  • Our house hunt seems to never want to end.  But 3rd year's the charm, right?  We're actually sitting on an offer right now, so we'll see what the seller says... 2016 could have a really quick answer to that prayer!
  • (Nov) Todd's Grandma was in the ICU for about a week and gave us a real scare, thankfully she made it through and was with us for Christmas
  • I've had some health issues and cannot seem to find a balance, hopefully 2016 will have the answers!
  • Life is hard.  I have connected with so many friends and family members who are hurting a little more this year.  It has been both a blessing, and a hardship.  My heart has hurt more this year but I have felt God's comfort, and the encouragement of community
  • (Dec) We were sick over Christmas! What a bummer, but we spent a lot of time just being quiet and resting after a full year.
This year has been so full of life.  The good, the bad, the sticky ;)  I am anxious to see what 2016 has in store for us—what dreams are born, what goals are fulfilled, and what God teaches us through it all.


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