Aug 31, 2015

September Desktop Calendar (2015)

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The "New Year" month of our family (Teachers'R'Us).  Our new school year is already in full swing and I almost feel like we are half way through September instead of embracing the final hours of August (something tells me, this is gonna be a looooong month!)

But August went out with a bang!  One of my dearest friends got married this past Saturday, and we lived it up with a full weekend of decorating and preparing, celebrating and catching up with friends and family.  The wedding was held at the camp where I first met the Bride when we were in high school (and my own dear Hubbard!).  Seeing all of these places and people who we worked with and love so much filled my heart to the brim!

With warm fuzzies still dancing inside of me, I am closing this past month and preparing welcome in a fresh month.  September is sure to be full of hard work, laughter, love from friends and family, new adventures and comforting routines.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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