Jul 31, 2015

August Desktop Calendar (2015)

July was a wonderful month of activity.  There were the usual ups and downs, but the hubbard and I were able to get a bit of rest in there and a few days at home to work on our own projects and tidy up the house a bit after the chaos of June.

This month has been a time of quite reflection.  Even during the hustle of life, the stress of responsibilities, the panic of a flea-scare and the wealth of emotions that come with change, I have been reminded to enjoy the moment.  To ask God for the strength to act in a way outside of myself—to lean on His strength and plan, and to allow His Spirit to work in and through me.  I cannot control what happens in life, or other people do to or around me but, with the help of God, I can respond with Grace and forgiveness.  I can find Him in the quiet, and I can allow Him to love me in the chaos.

Here's to another great month.  A month of birthdays (well, mine anyway!); a month of preparation and new beginnings as we begin the new academic year; a month of mentor-ship and counsel as the new XC season begins; a month of love and friendship as we gather together again.  Welcome August, I am excited to see what you will bring.

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Aaaaand, as a bonus, I designed a second version for all of my light-background-loving-friends::

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