Jul 2, 2014

#OOTDsketches (21)

Each Wednesday I post some sketches I did the week before of what I was wearing on that particular day.  I've been doing this on and off for the past few years and only recently mustered enough courage to share them with the world!  Here's what I wore last week:

Left: Working at home as I was catching up from being out of town the week before. And it was a relief to finally get the website finished!
Right:  Feeling kinda gross with the rain and humidity that filled the air as we house-hunted.  But spirits are bound to be lifted when wearing a flow-y purple top

Left: Went and had tea with my mother and grandmother at Greenfield Village.  Enjoyed some time outside and some more time with my favorite ladies.
Right: Visited the in-laws and then my parents on Saturday, garage sale-ing along the way!  We found a really nice side table for the house we don't have yet! haha, but thankfully my parents are very willing to hold our house items until we have a place for it.
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  1. Hi Katrina, Wow I am so impressed with your blog and your illustrations. I'm so glad you have linked up with our #WhatWivesWearLinkUp community. Your ootd illustrations definitely brought something unique to the link up. I like your outfit with the purple top, especially since it's my favorite color. I think my favorite was the outfit with the black hat. Perfect for tea time! I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Have a great day! ~Sherri

  2. These are great! Glad you shared them!

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